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Poker Lingo

Aces Full - A five card Poker Hand that contains a Full House consisting of three Aces and any Pair.

Bad Beat - When a Hand is beaten by a lucky Draw.

Community Cards - The cards, placed face up in the middle of the Table, which are visible to and shared by all players.

Hole cards - Cards that are dealt face down.

Flush - A Poker Hand consisting of 5 cards all of the same suit, for example, 3-4-8-10-K of Spades.

Kojak - A Hand that contains a King and Jack.

No-Limit Poker - A risky variety of Poker in which any player may Bet as many of his/her Chips at any time.

Pocket Rockets - Pocket or Hole Cards consisting of a Pair of Aces.

Sit In - To join a Poker game and become and Active Player.

Walking Sticks - A Pair of sevens.